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SMS portal to send time-sensitive messages instantly


Old school? No ways!

Do you think SMS messages are old school? Think again!

While consumers are being bombarded with WhatsApp’s and other social media notifications, SMS messages — with an open rate of 98% —still outwits all forms of communication and marketing tools.

Web-based SMS Portal

Reach your target market real-time with edisc.digital’s user-friendly, web-based SMS portal.

This affordable campaign tool will support your communication and marketing strategies, conveniently helping you to reach your goals — whether you are an individual or a corporate company.

Boost Engagement

Let’s face it: not everyone has access to all the social media apps, but any phone automatically can receive a SMS message. Let edisc.digital’s SMS solution boost your engagement with your audience by instantly clutching their attention. The two-way messaging option grants them the opportunity to partake in the conversation by easily sending a reply to the mailbox of your choice.


Sending Options

Send an individual or bulk SMS – it’s all your choice!

Two-way messaging

Receive replies directly to your mailbox.


Convenient scheduling tool to help plan your campaigns.

Track delivery

Manage your campaign and track delivery.

Manage messages

You can easily manage any failed SMS messages.

Contact lists

Manage contact lists on your computer.

Intelligent Importing

This option helps to avoid duplicate SMS messages.

Share contacts

Share SMS contacts with other users.

API integration

API integration and access available for integration.

Why use us?


Real-time — 97% of SMS messages are being read within 15 minutes of delivery.

Engagement & Sales

Boost engagement and sales with bulk SMS campaigns — Consumers can send a reply that will go directly to a mailbox of choice.


Our web-based SMS portal is easy to use. We also offer online support.

Cost-effective pricing

Our simple pricing plan starts at 23c per SMS. Or choose from a variety of bulk, discounted, prepaid packages which do not expire!

Never underestimate the power of an old-school SMS!

It still is the channel of choice for affordable, real-time, urgent communication.

Whatever your need, our SMS gateway offers the solution!

SMS Solutions

Developing software

Integrate your software with our SMS API and start sending and receiving bulk SMS messages trouble-free. Our SMS API allows for integration between various systems.

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SMS Solutions


Any phone can receive SMS messages. Use the opportunity to instantly reach your target market. Engage in a two-way conversation by creating and sending personalised bulk SMS messages which also offer the option for a reply.

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SMS Solutions

Customer Service

Keep your client in the loop by sending them timely SMS notifications. Customers can also reply to an inbox of your choice, making the conversation manageable from any platform.

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Try it for free!

Our SMS interface is user-friendly and simple to use. Try it for free!

Bulk SMS Pricing

Our Bulk SMS Pricing includes credits that do not expire!
0 - 100 000 SMSs = 23c per SMS.

Larger Packages

For 100 001+ SMS please feel free to Contact us!


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