document management system.

Take the drag out of version control with the DMS!

Managing your documents has never been easier. Introducing an easy way to always insure that you are sharing the correct version of documents to clients, with’s user-friendly document management system (DMS) at an affordable monthly cost of R495.00 (incl. VAT).

At we realise that each company is different, so why don’t you speak to us in order take advantage of our expertise and personal approach to business solutions by developing a custom DMS — managing your content, folders and workflow — according to your needs has never been easier.

From R495pm

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    what our dms offers?

    secure structured cloud storage.
    Enjoy the advantage of accessing all your documents anywhere and at any time by creating an online digital cabinet with unlimited storage space. Not only is switching to an online DMS environmental friendly, its strict permission and security policies makes it more secure, complying to audit regulations.
    customised and affordable option to any company.
    Typically tertiary institutions and engineering firms who work with a variety of different versions of documents would benefit from an online DMS. As an integrated business solutions company rises to the challenge in assisting with your customised needs and developing new ventures. Allow us to lighten your load with our cutting-edge digital advice.
    responsible user tracking and controlled access to files.
    Apply user and role management in your DMS to increase accountability in your business. Access to files is controlled, monitored and evidence of actions is saved for future reference. Features such as document approval and switching between draft and published status come in handy here.
    user-friendly interface for uploads, editing and version control.
    Be in charge of the structural order of workflow in your business by investing in a systematic document approach everyone understands. With our user-friendly interface you can easily publish, organize and keep track of files in the workplace. Share documents among the office and clients with controlled access, version edits and other collaboration features. Some other features include: drag-and-drop of files, generating document collections and assigning workflow actions to documents.
    workflow management.
    Streamline your business by controlling the flow of documents and assigning actions to them. Easily keep track of the latest versions by applying our start-and-end-date control to documents.
    boost productivity.
    Running a company is synonymous to loads of important documents. Often this load is manually shared between colleagues and clients, slowing processing and creating a filing nightmare! Having all your correspondence structured online and assigning tasks to documents is more efficient and cuts on the paper trail clutter. Speed up processing by adding valuable metadata to each document. Our advanced search option will assist you in finding what you need faster.


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